Lisbon School District Title IX

Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex by entities that receive federal funding. Under the new regulations to Title IX taking effect August 14, 2020, a school or school district’s Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, Decision-Maker, and Informal Resolution Process Facilitator must all be trained on the following topics: the definition of sexual harassment, the scope of a school’s education program or activity, the new regulatory requirements of the Title IX investigation and grievance process, and how to avoid conflicts of interest and bias. Investigators and decision-makers must also be trained on how to recognize relevant evidence and questioning. The purpose of this training is to cover those topics, to explain the new regulations, and to offer practical advice on how to conduct and resolve a Title IX investigation under the new grievance procedure.

Title IX Coordinator: Pat Adair E-Mail: Phone: 701-683-4106

Investigator: Steve Folmer
Decision Maker: Karri Zahrbock
Appeal Decision Maker: Andrea Johnson


Updated: October 13th, 2022