Thank You to the Lisbon Community Endowment Fund

We would like to thank the Lisbon Community Endowment for the grant to help purchase additional devices to serve students and families that needed to stay connected due to distance learning. These devices allowed students both in school and from home to stay connected. Students were able to zoom into classrooms, work on assignments, and practice their skills on computer programs. Thank you again for making it possible for our students to continue learning, even from home.
Thank you again to the Lisbon Community Endowment for the grant to fund our Gearing up for Kindergarten and Gearing up for 5th grade. Both programs are vital to helping students entering both grades feel comfortable when starting the new year. It is a chance for both parents and students to experience what it is like to be a Kindergartner and a 5th grader. Thank you again for providing this important opportunity for our students and families.
Community Grant Gearing Up
Community Grant Technology