Lisbon Mathletes

Students from Lisbon Public School in grade 4-6 once again took part in the Southeast North Dakota Math Olympics competition this year. The competition was held on Friday, May 3, 2019 at the NDSCS campus in Wahpeton. Math Olympics celebrates math accomplishment as well as teamwork.

The North Dakota Community Foundation granted Lisbon Public Schools $500 for the event. For this year’s competition, each school that participated was asked to provide at least $400 to help make the event happen. Funds for Math Olympics are needed for t-shirts, meals, event/testing space, and facilitators to help the competition run smoothly.

Math Olympics has become so important because it takes a subject that can cause anxiety for many students and makes it a challenging yet fun experience. The event is especially exciting for students who may not participate in typical extra-curricular activities (sports, dance, arts, etc.) because it provides an opportunity to be involved in an activity outside of school. Teams in 4th , 5th , and 6 th grade take a series of tests, competing for prizes, trophies, and medals.

Lisbon’s 5 th grade team placed third overall. Each fifth grader received a medal, and the team received a trophy. Congratulations fifth graders!

Students from Lisbon spent months training for the competition. When asked after the end of the event how they felt, a fourth grader responded:
“The questions were tricky, but we had fun answering them. I loved the group test best. The group test is where you work together with your friends on a test. We actually placed fourth!”

Lisbon students are proud to be a part of Math Olympics each spring.

Pictured Above: 
Front Row: Mrs. Waloch, Kiera Maus, Renna Evanson, Kenley Shockman, Evan Tuhy, Jack Olson
Middle Row: Mr. Moser, Colby Maus, Gavin Robertson, Lyla Gillespie, Annika Froemke, Jordyn Bittner
Third Row: Mr. Zahrbock, Lincoln Adair, Seamus Kelly, Levi Olson, Kara Waletzko, Lilly Webb