On November 11 th , students of Lisbon Middle School volunteered to help served breakfast to veteran’s at the North Dakota Veteran’s Home. The breakfast was sponsored by the American Legion, with a good
will offering for the meal. Bill Henderson and the Legion took the kids under their wing, and had them help cook, serve food, carry trays, bring coffee and juice to the table, and clean up during the morning
breakfast. During the morning, students were encouraged to sit and visit with veteran’s, as well as asking about their service, and thanking them for their sacrifice. Jann Neameyer, from the ND Veteran’s
Home activities, helped arrange the student volunteers along with Rich Lacina of the Lisbon Middle School. Many students toured the home, and were able to view the new wood working shop, art studio,
exercise room, and many other wonderful aspects to the Veteran’s home here in Lisbon. Overall, students from the Lisbon Middle School came out to help serve, and show their appreciation for all
those that have given so much for our country.

The students included (left to right)
Back Row: Spencer Kelsen, Paige Adolfs, Jamie Geyer, Avalon Kelly, Aleigha Lyons, Nolan Hardebeck, Silas Reinke, Wyatt Webb, Preston Bergemann, Sage Turchin,
Middle Row: Ella Reinke, Jacob Urbach, Gracia Rolff, Shirley Vogelsang, Allandra Thompson, Daedre Dawson, Jenna Baarson, Emma Gillespie, Ty Wolff, Boeden Greenley, Carter Wallner,
Front Row: Nia Reinke, Izzy Hoff, Jakarri Collins, Kodi Lautt, Logan Kirby, Ryann Neameyer, Gavin Walton
(Not pictured: Rodney Olson)

Photo of students who volunteered to help serve breakfast