September Student Spotlight
5th Grade: Ava A.
Ava is a joy to have in class.  She is extremely responsible and dedicated to her learning.  She is diligent to make sure her work is always completed on time!  She works with integrity and can always be counted on to be a great role model for her peers.  She helps the other students next to her when they have questions and is patient when she is asked a lot of questions by her peers.  Keep up the great work Ava!
6th Grade:  Journey H.
Journey has been off to a great first month of 6th grade.  She has persevered through the challenges of this goofy year. She takes responsibility for her work and gets it done on time at a high quality. She is very respectful and always attentive during class. Her behavior and attitude are great.  She is an excellent role model for her peers.  She is dedicated to her learning and works with integrity.  Mrs. A. enjoys seeing her book choices for their 40 Book Challenge and is very impressed with her artistic skills on her art projects.  Thank you for being such an amazing role model!
7th Grade: Jocelyn B.
Jocelyn is a great addition to Lisbon Middle School, especially in the band. She works independently and has mastered her parts in band. She takes  the initiative to find ways to learn challenging passages. She participates every single day in class discussions, and always goes beyond what is expected of her on her assignments and in the classroom. Assignments are always done well and on time. Jocelyn is an extremely bright young lady. She comes to class with a great attitude every day, is friendly to her classmates, and has been a great participant in Leadership Team. Keep up the great work, Jocelyn!
8th Grade: Payton V.
Payton is new to the Lisbon Middle School, and has been a great addition to the 8th grade class. Payton is a hard-working student who takes responsibility for his education. He is never afraid to ask a question if he needs help or doesn’t understand something. Payton consistently does a good job in class. He is a fine young man who is responsible about getting work in on time with the utmost quality. He always treats his classmates and teachers with respect. Welcome to Lisbon Middle School, Payton!”