Attendance at all sporting events is a privilege — Promote Good Sportsmanship

Region I schools have adopted a Yellow Card and Red Card Policy for spectator’s conduct during Region I sporting events including BB, GBB and VB.  Hosting schools will not tolerate the use of foul or abusive language, insulting gestures, taunting, or intimidation of any official, coach, athlete or spectator during sporting events.  If conduct is found to be inappropriate the administration of the hosting school will give the spectator a “Yellow Card”, which is a warning.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, the spectator will be ejected from the contest by receiving a “Red Card”.  After any ejection from a sporting event, the spectator will be suspended for the next contest.  Spectators who receive a yellow card will have their name filed with the Region 1 Athletic Directors.  Please remember the principles of good sportsmanship.  Region I are asking our spectators to “Be a Fan Not a Fanatic.”  If you have questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Patrick Adair at Lisbon High School.