October Students of the Month!

October Students of the Month photo

Congrats to the October Students of the Month!

8th Grader: Wyatt Webb
Wyatt takes an active role in his learning by participating often in all of his classes. He is proactive by asking thought-provoking questions, and uses this information to develop deeper understanding of content. He takes pride in his work and takes time to ensure that the work he produces is of the highest quality. He speaks with respect regardless of who he is talking to, making him an excellent role model and a fantastic leader.

7th Grader:  Saul Reinke
Saul puts his heart into all of his work, ensuring that all work turned in is the best he can possibly do. He is willing to take on extra tasks without being prompted and performs those tasks with a smile. He is a great classmate to his peers, offering a helping hand to them whenever they need it. Saul consistently goes above and beyond what is expected, without needing reminders. He knows what needs to be done, and fulfills it to the fullest extent.

6th Grader: Christopher Kleinwachter
Christopher is the Student of the Month for sixth grade.  Chris is an active learner by being on-task and engaged during lessons.  This carries over into being responsible about getting assignments done on time and with top quality.  Chris is kind, polite, and respectful toward all classmates as well as toward staff.  Congratulations, Christopher!

5th Grader: Aurora Shelton
Aurora is a joy to have in class. She is always ready to learn. She has a great attitude towards her schooling and school work! She is an active learner and always willing to help classmates. Aurora follows directions right away without having to be reminded. When unsure of the content she is asking questions to better her understanding. Keep up the good work!