October Student Spotlight
5th Grade: Sully K.
Sully is extremely responsible and always double checks that his work has been completed correctly.  He also works very hard to turn in his work on time and to complete it as neat as he can.  He also volunteers during STAR Power to help with tasks in the classroom when his work is all done.
6th Grade: Renna E.
Renna always has her book with her in class for the 40 Book Challenge and she has inspired some of the other students to read what she has been reading.  Her work is always neat and she is very respectful to her teachers and peers.
7th Grade: Brock L.
Brock always ready to lend a helping hand to any of his classmates. He has a positive attitude no matter what activity we are doing. He participates in class, and is very responsible about getting quality work done on time, even asking for work ahead of time when it is a planned absence. Brock has an excellent sense of humor that makes his class fun. He can be counted on to make wise decisions and behave in a respectful manner. Keep up the good work, Brock!
8th Grade: Lincoln A.
Lincoln is a kind and respectful classmate, along with being a great student. He is always looking for ways to help others and will even stop whatever his is doing when someone around him needs assistance. He participates in classroom discussions at such a high level and often brings in outside information that expands on the topics of class and adds a genuine interest to learning. Congratulations on a job well done, Lincoln!”