HS October Students

Chosen by the staff at Lisbon High School, Skyler Welton, Emma Eskildsen, Boeden Greenley and Kaleb Alinder are the October Students of the Month.

Skyler Welton, senior, is the daughter of Adam and Brenna Welton. Skyler shows great commitment to her school work and academics. She goes the extra mile to improve her understanding of the course work and content. She is an exemplary student with distance learning expectations and is intrinsically motivated to do well. Both her teachers and fellow classmates learn from Skyler’s insight and engagement in class.

Emma Eskildsen, junior, is the daughter of Daniel Eskildsen and Heidi Hegle. Emma is an outside of the box thinker and brings her creativity to her classes. As a reliable individual, her teachers and peers can count on her to bring in-depth information and content to the classroom setting and discussions. She goes above and beyond to ensure she understands the material and asks questions when she doesn’t

Boeden Greenley, sophomore, is the son of Randall and Jamie Greenley. Boeden is an engaged learning. He asks questions for better understanding and consistently puts forth his best effort. When needing to be gone, he gets his work in quickly upon his return. As an energetic student, he is often seen bounding through the hallways with a smile on his face.

Kaleb Alinder, freshman, is the son of Wes Alinder and Jocelyn Brummund. Kaleb has settled nicely into our system and is adjusting very well. He is working hard and putting in awesome effort. He is a great group member, making sure to include others and complete his tasks. He advocates for himself when he has questions or needs further clarification. He is pleasant and friendly to his teachers and classmates.