OCTOBER 8, 2013

– TAX LEVY HEARING: was held in the HS conference room at 7:00 p.m. Board members present were Tim Mairs, Mark Qual, and Matt Webb. Also in attendance were Justin Fryer, Lori Lyons, Elinor Meckle and Jan Hansen, Ransom Co. Gazette. Vice-President Qual opened the hearing and then turned it over to Supt. Steve Johnson. Mr. Johnson reviewed the law requiring the hearing, the letter sent out to taxpayers who received notice of an assessment increase as required by NDCC 57-15-09, calculation of the Zero Increase Mills – Valuation and Levy Information and a history of levies and mills of the Lisbon School District for the past 7 years. No questions or comments were made. Adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

ATTENDANCE: On Tuesday, October 8, 2013 Vice-President Mark Qual called the board meeting of the Lisbon School District #19 to order at 7:30 p.m. Members present were Mark Qual, Tim Mairs, and Matt Webb. Members absent were Rory Lien and Liz Anderson. Also in attendance were Supt. Justin Fryer, HS Principal Adair, Elem. Principal Meckle, Lori Lyons, and guests Alison Kempel and Jan Hansen, Gazette.

CONSENT AGENDA: Mairs moved, seconded by Webb to approve the established agenda, minutes of the September 11, 2013 board meeting, bills list and finance reports. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

PRINCIPALS REPORTS: written reports previously submitted to board. Mrs. Meckle added that she has applied for re-allocated Title I funds in the amount of $12,423 to fund 2014 summer school, Fall Title I meeting on the 15th for parents and will be attending the fall conference with 6 other staff members.
Mr. Adair also reported on final numbers of summer school with one student not completing; attended career & college readiness meeting, and reported that Lisbon has started charging gate at junior high games to help offset the loss of funds. Mairs inquired on regulations of the restricted list – Adair reported that if they are on the list they can only leave school early once that week for extracurricular events, and are required to attend 8th hour for studying.

BOARD REPORTS: Qual read letter he had received from the FFA Alumni association requesting approval of the installation of a dust collection system in the shop. Mr. Johnson stated that this had been looked into previous years ago, and due to fire codes, the school has additional requirements that are required that may be very costly. Mairs moved, seconded by Webb to have Supt. Johnson check into the code requirements and possible additional costs for the FFA alumni request.

GUESTS: were welcomed.

SUPT. REPORT: Mr. Johnson reported on the following: All food service personnel have completed the necessary sanitation training as required; Thanked and recognized Pamela Hoistad for her diligent work keeping up with payments for lunch charges and working with the food services accounts including keeping free and reduced applications up to date. Jennifer Hehn, new Food Service Administrative Asst. has been working with our licensed dietitian, Barb Erlandson of Oakes making sure our menus meet the Federal certification requirements. She has also organized our food service training and is also taking time to get the training she needs to lead food service into compliance. We have received notice of eligible state grant dollars available for improving security in our schools, and will be working with some consultants through Foss Associates to develop options to best use this grant money. Mr. Johnson has also been working with law enforcement that recently formed a four-county consortium of their agencies looking at ways they too can improve school safety. Staff and Liz Anderson are working to get our new teachers and a number of non-certified staff members trained in our Olweus Bullying Prevention program.
CAPITAL PROJECTS: Mr. Johnson reported the walk-thru at the high school shop left a few small items on the list; track project has been completed, except for one railing to be installed; and the bus garage is in process. He also stated he has contacted the facilities committee and will be meeting in the next month to plan and prioritize projects for 2015.

Payment Requests
– MBN ENGINEERING: Mairs moved, seconded by Webb to approve payment to in the amount of $800 to MBS Engineering for September services. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

– PETERSON MECHANICAL: Webb moved, seconded by Mairs to approve final payment in the amount of $17,650 to Peterson Mechanical. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

AMEND BUDGET/TAX LEVIES: Mr. Johnson reviewed board budget report. New taxable valuation is up slightly from amount received in August, but increase in levies is so minimal, administration recommends to not amend the previous levy.

NDSBA DUES STRUCTURE: Steve reviewed the structure for ND School Boards Association dues beginning July 1, 2014. The increase for Lisbon will be $2200. This will be voted on at the fall convention.

SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: Mairs moved, seconded by Webb to change the board meeting to Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the high school conference room. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Lori B. Lyons
Business Manager