Nov Student Spotlight
5th Grade: Zachary T.
We are so excited to have Zach in fifth grade this year.  He is hardworking, kind, responsible, and respectful to everyone.  He works hard on his Friday distance learning and reaches out to his teachers when he has questions at home.  We notice how hard he works to finish all of his work correctly and to hand it in on time.  He has done a great job of handling all of the changes from fourth to fifth grade in addition to distance learning.
Mrs. A  loves listening to the books he has chosen for himself.  He goes into such great detail when he’s telling you about his sports books.  You can see his passion for sports and its exciting listening to him share the stories he has read.  He has worked incredibly hard and has already read 8 books on his own outside of what we read in class.
6th Grade: Brynley D.
Brynley is always full of happiness and kindness.  She works exceptionally hard on her school work and cares about her friends.  She is very responsible and works hard on having her work in on time.  She enjoys learning and adds fun details to her notes through the use of color.  Her work can always be used as role model work to demonstrate to the class how to earn an A.
Mrs. A is always excited to see what book she is reading next during their one-on-one conferences.  She has already completed 14 books on her own this year outside of the stories they read in class together.  She is always pushing herself to achieve her goals, whether it’s for AR percentages, points, book levels, STAR scores, reading 40 books, or straight A’s.
7th Grade: Jordyn B.
Jordyn’s work is always completed to the best of his ability. He asks questions needed to understand the information fully and always finishes work on time. He uses his knowledge to help those around them by guiding them to the answers.  Jordyn is a very conscientious student. His work is always completed on time and done very well.  He can be counted on to get his work handed in when he is gone. Jordyn is also a caring student who helps his classmates that need help. He is an honest and courteous person.
8th Grade: Aiden H.
Aiden has shown great growth as a student between his 7th and 8th grade years. He is taking pride in his work and can be counted to get his work completed on time and completed well. Aiden is a kind, friendly person. His sense of humor makes him a person his classmates like being around. Aiden has improved greatly as the years have gone on. This year, he has been striving to learn concepts at a deeper level by asking questions, making corrections, and retaking tests. He has made great strides with his work ethic.”