NOVEMBER 5, 2013

ATTENDANCE: On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 President Rory Lien called the board meeting of the Lisbon School District #19 to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present were Rory Lien, Mark Qual, Tim Mairs, and Liz Anderson. Member absent was Matt Webb. Also in attendance were Supt. Justin Fryer, HS Principal Adair, Elem. Principal Meckle, Lori Lyons, LyDell Mairs, Terri Barta, Ransom County Gazette and guest Ron Carlson.

CONSENT AGENDA: Mairs moved, seconded by Qual to approve the established agenda, minutes of the October 8, 2013 board meeting, bills list and finance reports. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

PRINCIPALS REPORTS: previously submitted to board. Mrs. Meckle also reported the Elem & MS Title I Improvement have been approved for $17,206.00 and $13,532.00 to fund summer school and some curriculum supplies. And reported the Title I Fall Parent meeting was held on Oct. 15th with lower than usual parents attending, but the parents expressed a strong interest in doing more activities for Parent Involvement (PBS). The District and School Parental Involvement Policies were discussed with none of the parents identified any areas needing change, and recommended approval of the policies.

Mairs, moved, seconded by Anderson to approve the Title I Lisbon Public School Parental Involvement Policy and the Title I Lisbon School Parental Involvement Policy. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

Mr. Adair reported also reported on the NDCEL convention attended and that he and Mr. Johnson have met regarding increasing revenues and promotion of attendance for the athletic events. Activities committee of Lien and Mairs will meet in January 2014 with Mr. Adair, Mr. Johnson, and two coaches to start on this project.

BOARD REPORTS: Members Qual and Anderson reported on sessions attended at the fall convention. And also reported that the new dues structure for the NDSBA did pass, with the votes of the mid-size schools seeing a larger increase in the minority.

GUESTS: were welcomed.

CORRESPONDENCE: Thank you from Linda & Steve Johnson was received for the memorial given to them for the loss of LindaÕs mother.

SUPT. REPORT: Mr. Johnson reported on the following: He and Brent Janes, technology coordinator worked with the State of ND IT Department to create our new guest wireless service for the school. The guest account settings and more information can be found on Mr. JohnsonÕs, supt. website at Capital projects busy getting finished up before winter; Law enforcement officers from 4 counties and 3 cities visited our school and 3 others in the area to review security systems and plans for homeland security training. He has attended the District I Activities meeting, NDCEL Conference, NDSBA School Law Seminar and the NDSBA Annual Convention and reported some of the most educational sessions were: Warning Signs when hiring a Superintendent and Superintendent Evaluation, avoiding Special Education Legal Disputes, meeting the requirements of Zero Mill Levy hearing, and Legislative Representatives on new K-12 funding.

CAPITAL PROJECTS: Mr. Johnson reported that during the installation of the bleachers, the sewer line was hit and will be repaired with each party involved covering a third of the cost.

Payment Requests
– á SEATING & ATHLETIC FACILITY ENTERPRISES, LLC: Qual moved, seconded by Anderson to approve full / final payment to Seating & Athletic Facility Enterprises, LLC in the amount of $65,625.00 for the bleachers. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

DUST COLLECTION: Mr. Johnson reported he had contacted Dave Obermiller regarding the dust collection system the FFA Alumni has offered to pay installation for. Report received back from Obermiller that this system would subject the school to several fire protection codes and estimated costs as follows: require installation of fire protection system and duct work – $40,000-$60,000 and electrical work $5,000-$8,000. Total possible cost of $45,000 – $68,000. Report was turned in to the facilities committee which met earlier tonight. Mairs reported the committee felt that due to small benefit the exhaust system would benefit students and staff, and the large increase in costs to meet code the committee recommends to not accept the donation offer from the FFA Alumni.
Mairs, moved, seconded by Anderson to not accept the donation from the FFA Alumni for the dust exhaust system. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

JH FOOTBALL: Mairs moved, seconded by Qual to approve the coaching contract of Patrick Adair for JH Football in the amount of $2266 per negotiated agreement. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE: The Facilities committee met before the school board meeting to prioritize projects for the 2014-15 construction budget. Qual reported after review, their main priorities are for the following: Update of the kitchen – more efficient equipment, coolers and space. Next is the security systems and entrances, which may receive some funding from a security grant available. Other areas on the list include further completion of the track complex; updates in the gymnasium, armory flooring and bleachers and then the further finishing on the steel Bus Building and Learning center. Mr. Johnson will start with getting more detailed information and estimated project costs for the kitchen and security doors.

E-FUNDS: Mr. Johnson reported after research on offering this option for parents, the E-Funds system is the most user friendly and cost effective to provide on-line payments for lunch and other fees. Johnson recommended using the check pay with the district covering the .40 fee, and the no cost to the district credit card option. Discussion was held on other possibilities of the system. Qual moved, seconded by Anderson to approve agreement with E-Funds with the previous options. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

SUPT EVALUATION: Due to new regulations – the Satisfactory / Un-Satisfactory Evaluation will be used and e-mailed out to board members.

SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: Anderson moved, seconded by Mairs to change the board meeting to Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the high school conference room. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Lori B. Lyons
Business Manager