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BISMARCK, N.D., May 22, 2019 – State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler said student results from the North Dakota State Assessment for English and mathematics are now available for parents to request from their childrens’ schools. Baesler said they offer helpful information about the progress of each student’s learning.
The results are called Individual Student Reports. The North Dakota State Assessment itself was given from March 18 through May 10 to students in grades three through eight, and to students in the 10th grade.
Making assessment scores quickly available have made the results more valuable to parents and teachers, Baesler said. Parents who wish to see the reports should request them from their child’s school principal, the superintendent said.
The reports show graphically where a student is on a proficiency scale, Baesler said. An individual student’s scores may be compared to his or her peer groups in the school, district, or state.
The reports include students’ Lexile and Quantile scores, which is a new innovation for the North Dakota State Assessment, Baesler said.
Lexile scores measure the level of reading complexity that a student can comfortably grasp. A Quantile score gives a similar glimpse of a student’s comprehension of math concepts. The Lexile and Quantile reports offer families resources to help their students improve their reading and math skills.
Rob Bauer, assessments director for the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, said North Dakota school districts determine the best way to inform parents about their childrens’ reports.
Printed copies could be sent to parents, or they could posted on a secure website that would allow parents to look at their childrens’ reports, Bauer said. Teachers may also find them useful in deciding how to change instruction for individual students, and to make instructional plans for the next school year.
The North Dakota State Assessment’s website has information that is tailored for parents and students here. (Link opens as a PDF) The site has guides for interpreting the English and mathematics reports.