New SmartLab!

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September 1, 2017

Dear Parents of 4 th grade students:

I am excited to share with you and your child the opportunity to learn in the Lisbon Public School SmartLab. Six staff members: Mrs. Courtney Qual and Mrs. Elinor Meckle from the elementary; Mrs.
Barb Sweet from the High School; and Mrs. Tina Pierce, Mrs. Jacy Spencer, and Mr. Jared Hoff from the Middle School; were trained to facilitate the exciting and inspiring work students complete in our
SmartLab. Next week the fourth graders will start working in the SmartLab with Mrs. Qual as facilitator and their classroom teacher as an assistant. Fourth grades will do activities in the lab two days a week
every other week. We are excited to offer this opportunity and know the students will be engaged and excited to learn in this new environment.

What is a SmartLab?
Learning is different here!

The SmartLab is a 21st century learning lab for students of all interests, ages, and abilities. SmartLabs put technology and learning resources in the hands of students, engaging learners in science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics (STEM) while building critical 21st century skills. SmartLabs feature project-based, student-centered curriculum supporting STEM and other core academic content. Every
SmartLab is a powerfully integrated and comprehensive learning solution that combines technology with academics to prepare students for college and career success. Our SmartLab features unique
opportunities for students to explore, learn, and work in areas such as alternative energy, circuitry, computer graphics, digital communications, mechanical structure, robotics, scientific data and analysis,
and software engineering.

In our SmartLab students keep a daily record of their work, create final presentations, and self-assess their efforts. Together these records create a portfolio demonstrating the depth and breadth of your
child’s learning. We store the portfolio electronically so your child may use the term, “ePortfolio” to describe the collection of work they maintain to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and experience they gain while working in the SmartLab.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Elinor Meckle
Elementary Principal and SmartLab Facilitator