*The following event tiers will be used to determine maximum fan allowances for NDHSAA regular season events in accordance with ND Smart Restart Guidelines.

Yellow/Moderate Risk Levels are:

Tier          Seating Capacity         Maximum Number of fans
1                3,500+                           50% of capacity up to 5,000
2                2,001-3,499                  50% of capacity up to 1,750
3                1,001-2,000                  50% of capacity up to 750
4                < 1,000                          50% of capacity up to 500

*Athletes, coaches, athletic staffing and credentialed event staff are not included in the total.
*To determine a facility’s seating capacity, use the established occupancy limit defined by fire code official.
*Social distancing shall always be maintained and the use of face coverings is required by all fans at all times.
*Concessions are permitted during contests held in the Yellow/Moderate Risk Level if social distancing can be maintained during consumption of food or drink.
*Non-compliance of any existing Executive Orders may be reported to the NDHSAA Office by a member school administrator.
*NDHSAA member schools and/or local leaders may approve more restrictive attendance guidelines for regular season contests.
*If student competitions and performances are in jeopardy of being compromised the NDHSAA Board of Directors will adjust these guidelines to ensure students are allowed to participate in their respective seasons.