Middle School


Breakfast and Lunch Free for All Students for Now

Lisbon Public School is pleased to announce that every student will receive FREE breakfast and lunches for the start of this school year. This includes all students, no matter their income level.  Please see the below letter for details of the program. Dear Families:...

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7th & 8th Grade Leadership Team Wanted!

Hello 7th and 8th grade students! Are you interested in being a part of the Middle School Leadership Team this year? If so, please write a short essay, 1 page or less, answering the following questions and submit to Mrs. Gerding at the office. Do NOT put your name on...

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Smart Start Restart Guide & Distance Learning Plan

The ND School Nurses organization has put together this video in how to handle COVID-19 cases in ND Schools.COVID-19 Decision Tree for Schools Send home or deny entry if ANY of the following symptoms are present: Fever (100.4F or higher) OR two or more of the...

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SE Region Science & Engineering Fair

The science fair was held this past Tuesday in a virtual format with awards being released today. I just wanted to share our students' success. Even though the original fair was postponed in March they completed their projects and presentations and faced the judges...

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