March 19, 2020
Dear Lisbon High School Patron:
We are currently navigating through uncharted territory. It is still unknown how long we will be out of school; however, we want to make sure our students have every opportunity to continue learning. The High School staff has been busy preparing lessons for the students to complete outside of the regular classroom. Parent involvement will be crucial during this time, because we as a school have limited access to students. As parents, we need you to help students stay organized in this unconventional setting. It will be required for students to complete assignments given, as their classes are credit bearing. However, please encourage your students to communicate with their teachers when questions arise or when they feel they need help with an assignment or subject matter. I want to emphasize this time off is not a vacation for the students or staff members. Please make sure your student is aware that the effort they put forth during this time will be vital to their success for the remainder of the school year. Assignments need to be completed to the best of their ability and submitted on time.

We appreciate your patience and willingness to provide the support your students need at this time. We have never been down this path before, however we are looking forward to the new challenge and discovering new avenues to serve your students. Listed below are some of the questions you may have; however, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the school at 701-683-4106.

Patrick Adair
High School Principal

Frequently Asked Questions

Book Pick-up
Q: When can my student pick-up their books and other personal belongings?
A: Thursday, March 19th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you are unable to make it during this time, please contact the High School office at 701-683-4106 to make arrangements to pick up materials.

Q: Where can my student find their assignments?
A: Student assignments can be found on the High School webpage under the HS Assignments tab. The website is
Click on HS Assignments which is located on the right hand side of the page.

Teacher Contact Information

Q: Where is teacher contact information located and how should I contact them?
A: The best way to reach teachers during this time is through email. Teacher contact information is located on a tab on the bottom of the HS Assignment excel document or through the staff directory.

Questions about an Assignment

Q: What do I do if my student has a question about their assignment?
A: Please contact the individual teacher via email or call the school at 701-683-4106.

Office Hours

Q: Will teachers have office hours?
A: Not all teachers will but some will. Please contact the individual teacher.

Internet or Technology Issues

Q: What do I do if I don’t have internet access or technology issues?
A: Please contact Lisbon High School at 701-683-4106.

Computer Lab

Q: If my student needs a computer will a computer lab be available?
A: Yes, the Middle School computer lab will be available Monday – Friday from 1:00 to 3:00. Please be aware this could be suspended at any time.

Email Issues

Q: What if my student cannot access their K12 email account?
A: Please contact Lisbon High School at 701-683-4106.

Counseling Services

Q: Will there be counseling services available during this time?
A: Yes, by appointment. Please contact Kerri Zahrbock at 701-683-4106 or

Extra-curricular Activities

Q: What is going on with extra-curricular activities?
A: All school activities and large gatherings are suspended until further notice (Track, Golf, Prom, Graduation, etc…)

3rd Quarter Grades

Q: When will 3rd quarter grades be issued?
A: It will depend on when we physically return to school. We want to make sure we give students ample time to complete and turn in assignments. If we have extended school closure time, we may just issue a 2nd semester grade at the completion of the school year in place of 3rd and 4th quarter grades.

Semester Tests

Q: How does this closure affect the Semester tests that are given?
A: Semester Tests will be given but the attendance policy will be adapted to best fit the changing situation.
More information will be given out at a later date.

State Standards

Q: Will the student’s assignments meet North Dakota State Standards?
A: Yes. All content will align to North Dakota State Standards.