“No Tech Day” Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday, April 13, 2020, has been declared No Tech Day by Dr. Steven L. Johnson, Superintendent of the Fort Ransom and Lisbon Public Schools. Teachers in Fort Ransom and Lisbon will not be available for contact with their students or parents on that day. We encourage teachers, students and families to take the day off from technology including cell phones, television, iPad, computers, etc. and stay off social media for at least TWO HOURS.

Suggestions –
 Write two letters to a loved one you have not been able to see since the COVID-19 School closure began.
 Do two additional chores around your house or farm to assist your parents.
 Spend two hour outside, not in groups, enjoying the weather.
 Create a hands-on project using materials found in your home. (Ex. Build a rocket out of Legos, art project, sewing project, paint, draw, build a fort, design a medical facemask, possibilities are unlimited)
 Go for a walk, ride your bike, rollerblade, etc…. for two hours
 Help make or make a family meal for all to enjoy with all family members sitting at the table together.
 Be creative!

I would like thank our staff, students and community while we flipped our delivery of educational services to Distance-Learning in one short week for all your work and understanding. You all deserve a break. We live in a wonderful community. Enjoy!


Dr. Steven L. Johnson, Superintendent

Social Distancing - How to Graph


March 27, 2020

Good Afternoon:

I am writing this while listening to Governor Doug Burgum’s daily press conference on COVID-19.  It has been a busy week for all of us.  I feel confident that we have staff and a community  who are all working hard to deal with this fluid situation.

Access to our buildings are now limited to essential personnel only.  If you have not been told that you are an essential employee your key fab will no longer work.  If you need to get into any building you will need to call the building principal to get access.  We are also screening everyone who comes into our buildings with questions about travel, wellness, contact with others and whether they have had a fever over the last couple of weeks.  By Governor order, students are not allowed in our buildings or to gather in groups on our campus including playgrounds, track and other outdoor areas.

Both Fort Ransom and Lisbon’s District Distance-Learning plans have been submitted to the Department of Public Instruction.  I know that they have been assigned to a committee for review as the process includes approval by DPI committee, Superintendent of Public Instruction and then off to the Governor’s office for final approval.  We must have the Governor’s approval before we will receive our April 1 state foundation payment and transportation funding.  I have daily meetings with state-wide superintendent group who gather information to distribute to our region schools.

We will have the Ransom County Health and Emergency Operation Center COVID-19 on Monday morning at 10:00 am.  This will be a follow-up of our meeting on March 16.  I attached our local meeting from that meeting.  I have by-weekly meeting of the Joint K-12 Sub Committee Command Team headed by the Department of Public Instruction.  This is a very small group and I represent small rural schools as an active superintendent.

Please take the weekend to enjoy your family and the great outdoors while practicing social distancing.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Dr. Steven L. Johnson, Superintendent
[email protected]

March 25, 2020

Attached on the right is Governor Doug Burgum’s Executive Order 2020-10 for your review.  Please note the sixth paragraph beginning with NOW THEREFORE.  All school facilities will remain closed to students until further notice with only teaches and other essential staff having access to school facilities.  We will put more clarity to “essential” and having “access” by Friday.  You can expect no more than 10 staff members (total) having access to unlocking our doors for the Lisbon School Public Schools.  We have also named law enforcement and fire department as essential as they too will have access in case of an emergency.  Other staff members without access will need to call their building principals to gain entrance.

Secondly, we are working hard on developing our plans to submit to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  We received our first draft last night.  Most of the work was already done after all the hard work staff did last week.  We would like open communications continue as we would like to send out the second draft this evening and hopefully submit by Thursday.  Continue to practice social distancing and other ways to stop the spread of coronavirus.  Have a great day.  I will be sending out another update later today.

Lisbon Public Schools recommends all district employees practice social distancing during the COVD-19 pandemic. Social distancing implies taking action to slow, or stop, the spread of a contagious disease. The district is currently implementing the following action steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while school is not in session: school buildings and recreational facilities are closed to the public; the District Office located in the High School is open by appointment only; meetings are being cancelled, or conducted over the phone/online; only essential staff are asked to report to work; staff are asked to stay home when not feeling well; and facilities are receiving thorough, and on-going, disinfecting.

Dr. Steven L. Johnson, Superintendent
[email protected]


Fort Ransom Elementary and Lisbon Public Schools
COVID-19 Public Announcement
March 18, 2020

Since learning of the closure order Sunday evening, by Governor Burgum, the Fort Ransom and Lisbon staff have been working diligently on plans to continue to provide our students with a proper education during the school closure due to the covid-19 virus concerns. As we progress through this unprecedented situation, we will do our best to keep the community informed. The safety of our students, staff and our community is our top priority. Fort Ransom Elementary School and Lisbon Public Schools have made the decision to cancel traditional school for the week of March 23-27. Our buildings will be locked and only essential personnel will be allowed to be in our buildings. If you have questions on essential personnel, please contact your building principal, as we will be practicing the group size guidelines of the CDC. We also want everybody to understand that those guidelines could quickly change if we have a community member test positive for the COVID-19.

Much of what we are doing is under an emergency order by Governor Burgum so changes could be made at any time. We are in daily contact with state agencies including the Department of Public Instruction, North Dakota Department of Public Health and the Governor’s office. Information from those state agencies is changing by the hour. Currently, the Governor has announced that all schools are to be closed the week of March 16-20. With that said, our entire staff has been at the school the past three days preparing for the worst-case scenario of school closing for an extended period. On Tuesday, March 17, our staff met with Ransom County Public Health who provided the latest information on covid-19. Thanks to Chelsey Jones and Brenna Welton for their presentation and work. Again, this information is constantly changing.

We have organized our staff into small groups working on the following areas:

  • Child nutrition has been working with Ransom County Food Pantry, Ransom County Social Services and ND Child nutrition in ways we can provide those services to our communities as allowed by law.
  • Special Education planning on providing services to students during an extended shutdown
  • Fort Ransom elementary, Lisbon elementary, Lisbon middle school and Lisbon high school staff are planning, organizing, and preparation of lessons, and the distribution of such, during an extended shut down with special attention to accessibility for all our families.
  • Custodial efforts to keep our school clean and sanitized
  • Transportation has be meeting to determine how best serve our community during an extended shutdown.

Our goal is to have all plans in place, and implemented, no later than Monday, March 23, with our adjusted educational delivery system. If the Governor beyond next week extends the school closure, we will work like crazy to plan accordingly and get the information out to the public. Presently, we will have reopening procedures in place for our staff and students for returning to normal school life on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Please be assured that our adjusted educational delivery system does meet state standards, graduation standards and grading standards. If we receive changes in North Dakota State Assessments or other accountability measures, we will share those with
the public.

The work the staff has done over the past three days has been amazing. The task the Governor assigned them would have normally taken a full year or more. Fort Ransom and Lisbon have a very professional staff with great problem solving skills. I am very proud to be a part of this community.

Dr. Steven L. Johnson, Superintendent