LPS Superintendent Student Cabinet Application

The purpose of the Lisbon School District Superintendent Cabinet is to provide a voice to students who attend Lisbon Public School District. The cabinet will include students in grades 7-12. Superintendent Fryer will work with the cabinet to help improve Lisbon Public School District. Cabinet meetings will be held throughout the year. Student members will work together with each other in a
constructive manner to provide opinions about issues, develop solutions for problems, and to help improve school culture.

Lisbon School District Superintendent Student Cabinet Members, students will:

  • Share ideas on how to improve our schools;
  • Advise the superintendent about school issues that are important to students;
  • Work together with the superintendent to improve school culture; and
  • Help our school gather community support.

Please fill out the below form, or print the attached application by October 20, 2021. Cabinet members will be notified of their selection on October 27, 2021. 



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