In 2017, the Lisbon Public Schools established the Lisbon Public Schools Endowment Fund through the North Dakota Community Foundation. It is a permanent endowment fund and earnings from the fund are given as grants, scholarships or gifts to support the intent of the gift. You can also give to our Lisbon Public Schools Non-Endowment Fund, which can be earmarked for special projects. The Lisbon Public Schools believes school foundations can bolster our public school by engaging citizens, facilitating partnerships and providing additional resources to our school community. The fund is tax-exempt public
charity that encourages philanthropy. The United States is the richest nation on earth, through our Endowment; you are giving locally to help with local issues instead of transferring wealth somewhere else. A gift to the Lisbon Public Schools Endowment Fund improves our quality of life. Your gift can help fund scholarships, new technology, STEM curriculum, students in poverty, equipment/materials, place-based community projects, and other activities augmenting our public tax dollars. Please consider investing in our future. If you are interested in giving to the Lisbon Public Schools Foundation Endowment Fund, please contact Justin Fryer.  You can give online at , please identify the fund name as Lisbon Public Schools Endowment Fund when completing your online gift.  Individuals that donate at least $5,000 and businesses that give any amount may take a 40% North Dakota Tax Credit up to a total of $10,000 for gifts to the Lisbon Public Schools Foundation Endowment Fund.

Thanks! SLJ