JUNE 16, 2014

ATTENDANCE: On Monday, June 16, 2014 President Rory Lien called the board meeting of the Lisbon School District #19 to order at 7:30 p.m. Members present were Rory Lien, Mark Qual (arrived later), Liz Anderson and Matt Webb. Also in attendance were Supt. Justin Fryer, Lori Lyons, and guests LyDell Mairs and Terri Barta.

CONSENT AGENDA: Anderson moved, seconded by Webb to approve the established agenda, minutes of the May 13th and 15th, 2014 board meetings, bills list and finance reports. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

PRINCIPALS REPORTS: previously submitted to board. Mr. Johnson reported on behalf of Mrs. Meckle the elementary staff has requested that elementary building start at 8:30, the same time as the HS and Middle School buildings.

GUESTS: were welcomed.

CORRESPONDENCE: Thank you from Jodie Froemke was received for the plaque received and for the opportunity to work in the Lisbon School system.

SUPT. REPORT: Mr. Johnson reported on the following: Mr. Moss is in Washington, D.C. with a group for Close-Up; Mr. Heitkamp will be leaving for Washington, D.C. at the end of June to take Alexis Thomason and Cassie Witte to the National competition for TSAÕs Architectural Renovation contestÕ; Mrs. Holm took 20 students to the State FFA Convention at NDSU the week of June 2 and returned with 7 State Degree Recipients, 1 Star Farmer Finalist, Gold Individuals with Jenna Steffes & Kaelie Krueger SAC, Kaitlin Geyer Dairy Judging, Katelyn Oland Public Speaking, Austin Sagvold Dairy Foods, Klay Oland Public Speaking, Shaina Rasmusson High Individual, Katelyn Oland 16th, Britany Johnson 3rd, and Cassidy Rasmusson 4 for the State Horse Evaluation Team State Champions who will represent ND at the National Convention in Louisville in October; Klay Oland was elected the 14-15 State FFA Treasurer; and Mr. Mark has been busy with Drivers Education, Mr. Monilaws has been busy with his summer music program, and the office staff has been busy closing out 2013-14 and preparing for the upcoming school year.

CAPITAL PROJECTS: Mr. Johnson reported the project is going well. The only concern is that the stainless steel equipment will all arrive in time. An Auction has been set up for sale of the old equipment on August 16th at 4:00 p.m.

Payment Request: Qual moved, seconded by Anderson to approve payment request to Foss Architecture & Interiors for $6,190.65. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

ELECTION RESULTS: Webb moved, seconded by Qual to approve the canvass by the school board of the June 10, 2014 election, and produced the following results: 106 total votes were cast. Rural – 3 yr Term: Liz Anderson received 94 votes, write-in received 1 votes, hereby declaring Liz Anderson elected member of School Board for the term of three years. City Write-Ins: Scott Bentten received 33 votes, Brent Dick received 58 vote and 5 other various write-ins, hereby declaring Brent Dick elected member of School Board for the term of three years. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

POLICIES: The policy committee met earlier and member Webb reviewed their recommendations.

– APPROVE: After the 2nd reading, Webb moved, seconded by Anderson to approve the following policies: BCAD – Executive Session, BCAC – Minutes, BCBA – Public Participation at Board Meetings, BDA – Procedure for Adopting Board Policy, CAAB – Superintendent Evaluation Procedure, DDBD – Military Leave, DDAA – Family & Medical Leave, DEAF – Occupational Safety, ACE – Violent & Threatening Behavior, DFAA – Teacher Evaluation, DDDD – Professional Organization Leave, DCB – Overtime & Compensatory Time, DJC – Teachers’ Aides, FDA – Education of Home Schooled Students, FFJ – Student Vehicles on School Property, FGCC – Student Interrogations, ACBC – Use of Animals in District Schools & In Curricular Programs, KAAD – Distribution & Posting of Non-curricular Materials in Schools, FGCA – Searches of Lockers, FGCB – Searches of Students & Students’ Personal Property, ACEB – Hazing, FGDD – Student Publications, HEAC – Management of Student Activities Funds, GBBA – Guest Speakers, FFF – Field & Other School-Sponsored Trips, ABCB – Sportsmanship, HEAB – Incidental Revolving Accounts, ABBB – Non-Curricular Use of District Property, ABCA – Copyrighted Material & Intellectual Property, LBD – Relations with Police Authorities. And after the 1st reading approve board regulations: DDAA-BR – Family & Medical Leave Regulations, and KAAD-BR – Distribution & Posting of Noncurricular Material In School Regulations. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

– RESCIND: Webb moved, seconded by Qual to rescind the following policies: AAA/BAA – Purpose & Role of Board, AACE-R – Education of Homeless Dispute Resolution Policy, ABA – School District Legal Status, ABC – School Census, BA – School Board Legal Status & Authority, BB – Goals & Objectives of Board, BBA – Priority Objectives of Board Operations, BCCA – Candidate Orientation, BCCC – Board Member Development Opportunities , BCCE – Legislative Involvement, BCDB – Removal, BCDB-R – Procedure for Selecting Appointee, BDB/IEA – School District Records, BFA – Policy Development, BFC – Suspension of Policy, BFD – Policy Revision & Review, BFG/CC/DADJ – Policy Implementation, BGA/CBA – Appointment & Authority, Bl/KA – School-Community Relations Goals & Objectives, CA – Goals & Objectives, CBBC – Contract Renewal, CDBA – Length of Contract, CDBD – Evaluation of Administrators, DADE-R – Tobacco Use Violation Procedures Staff, DAF – Payroll Schedule, DAFA – Salary Guides: Annual Increments, DAFB – Salary Deductions, DBAAA – Length of Work Day, DBBB – Salary Increment Requirements, DBGDA – Professional Development Program, DCDC – Supervision of Coaches a Statement of Philosophy, EA – Negotiations Priority Objectives & Goals, EB – Board Negotiating Agents, FBA – Ages of Attendances, FBC – Inoculations, FBF/GC – Graduation Requirements, FCA – Illness, FCF/GBIE – Makeup Work, FDAA – Picture Publication, FDCB – Distribution of Class Lists, FFE – Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect, FFH – Crisis Management, FHEA – Student Demonstrations, FIB – Student Social Events, GAA – Instructional Goals, GABA – Priorities of the Basic Instructional Program, GABC – Title I Program, GABC-R – Student Selection for Title I Basic Skills Program, GBA-R – Regulations for Curriculum Development & Adoption, GBEAA – Vocational Education, GBEB – Health Education, GBEBD – Teaching About HIV/Aids & Other Significant Contagious Diseases, GBEC – Reading/Language Arts, GBED – Foreign Languages, GBEE – Mathematics & Science, GBEF – Computer Education, GBEH – Driver Training, GBFC – Computer-Assisted Instruction, GCAA – Schedules & Course Loads, GCAB – Competency Testing, GD – Goals & Objectives of Extracurricular Offerings, GDBA – Academic Eligibility, GDBF – Student Athlete Participation Limitations, HA – Fiscal Management Goals, HCAA – Local Tax Revenues, HCB – Tuition Fees, HDAA – Depositories, HEB – Expense Reimbursements, HGA – Inventories of School Properties, IA – Support Services Goals & Objectives, IBCAC/KAFC – Willful Disruption of School, IBDC-R – Staff Cars, IBEA-R – Guidelines for Community Use of School Buildings, IBF – Maintenance & Control of Materials & Equipment, ICC – Special Use of School Buses, IDA – Food Service Purpose, IEBA – Computer Access & Control, IHA – Insurance Management, JA – Facility Development Goals & Objectives, JB – Facilities Planning, JBA – Long-Range Needs Determination, JBB – Developing Educational Specifications, KAA – Responsibilities of the School Board, KAB – Responsibilities of the Superintendent & Administration, KAC – Responsibilities of School Personnel, KAFC-R – Tobacco Use Violation Procedures, KAIA – School Directory, KB – School-Parent Relations Goals & Objectives, KCA – Public Information Program, L – Organization Relations, LA – Education Agencies Relations Goals, LAA – Relations with Other Schools & School Districts, LD – Relations with Community Organizations, LED – Relations with Fire Departments, LEE – Relations with Health Department. LEH – Relations with State Governmental Authorities, and LF – Relations with Churches. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

– REAFFIRM NEW CODES: Anderson moved, seconded by Webb to reaffirm the new codes as listed below, which replace previous rescinded policies: BDG – School Board Rules, CAAD- Supt. Resignation & Contract Renewal, CABE – Evaluation of Administrators, DCA – Payroll, DCAH – Salary Deductions, DHBC – Length Of Work Day, DHBAA – Professional Development Tuition Reimbursement, GDB – Graduation Requirements, GABD – Title I Program, GAAA-BR – Regulations for Curriculum Development and Adoption, GABE – Student Schedules & Course Loads, ABBB-BR – Guidelines for Community Use of School Buildings, FFF-BR – Special District Transportation, and JAD – Developing Educational Specifications for Construction. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

– READING: Anderson moved, seconded by Webb to approve 1st reading of the following policies: BEA – Candidate Orientation, CABC – Administrative Reduction In Force, Amend GCAA – Grade Promotion, Retention & Acceleration, FAAD – Tuition Agreements, DCAD – Expense Reimbursements, JA – Facilities & Long-Range Planning, and ABABA – Religious Observances. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

STRATEGIC PLAN 2014-16: was reviewed by Supt. Johnson.

CONTRACT: Anderson moved, seconded by Qual to approve the 2014-15 contract of Jane Overmoe in the amount of $51,550.00 plus benefits per negotiated agreement. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

– Maintenance: Anderson moved, seconded by Webb to approve hiring of Weston Elijah in maintenance at $11.00 per hr. for 2014-15. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

– Summer Maintenance: Qual moved, seconded by Webb to approve Jason Kunze at $11.00/hr and Grant Johnson at $10.00 for summer maintenance help. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

– ParaÕs: Anderson moved, seconded by Qual to approve Mandy Anderson and Lisa McCloud as paraÕs for 2014-15 at $10.50 per hour. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

REGISTRATION FEES: Mr. Johnson reported on the lower amount of charges still to be collected vs past years due to stricter collection. Registration fees form was reviewed. Discussion was held on offering a family activity ticket for a savings for large families as requested last year. ProÕs and cons of both sides were discussed as this is funding for the extra curricular activities and LPS does not currently charge students to participate in activities. Webb moved, seconded by Qual to approve the 2014-15 Registration Fees with the addition of offering a Family Activity Ticket for $250.00 which is to cover two guardians and their children. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

LUNCH: Lunch and breakfast prices were also discussed. Qual moved, seconded by Wick to increase school lunch and breakfast by .15 each. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

CONSOLIDATED APPLICATION: Anderson moved, seconded by Qual to approve the 2014-15 consolidated application as submitted. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.


SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: is scheduled and will be held on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the HS Conference room.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Lori B. Lyons
Business Manager