JUNE 15, 2015

ATTENDANCE: On Monday, June 15, 2015 President Rory Lien called the board meeting of the Lisbon School District #19 to order at 6:00 p.m. Members present were Rory Lien, Mark Qual, Liz Anderson, Matt Webb and Brent Dick. Also in attendance were Supt. Justin Fryer, HS Principal Adair, Elem. Principal Meckle, Lori Lyons and guests Richard Lacina, and Terri Barta, Ransom Co. Gazette.

CONSENT AGENDA: Qual moved, seconded by Dick to approve the established agenda, minutes of the May 12th and 20th, 2015 board meeting, bills list, and finance reports. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

PRINCIPALS REPORTS: previously submitted to board members. Mrs. Meckle reported that she has applied for a Gearing up for K grant of $3300, teacher schedules for the Elementary and Middle Schools; has mentors assigned to the new teaching personnel; science curriculum updates for this next year; and is currently working on the application budget for additional Title I program funding for the elementary and Middle schools which would fund additional staff members.

– Dick moved, seconded by Webb to approve the Title I program budget application in the amount of $39,957.13 for the Lisbon Middle School, and $39,996.54 for the Lisbon Elementary School. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

Mr. Adair reported summer school is going well, and he will be leaving for PLC conference in Minneapolis on Sunday with 4 other staff members.

GUESTS: were welcomed. Richard Lacina gave a Power Point presentation on Office 365 on ÒHow It Can Improve Student Learning In Our SchoolsÓ. Lacina is finishing his MasterÕs Degree and is under supervision of Dr. Johnson in order to complete his degree.

SUPT. REPORT: Dr. Johnson thanked Mr. Adair and the Senior Class of 2015 as graduation went very well on May 24th; FFA had their Annual Convention at NDSU and for the second year in a row, the Oland family has a state officer with Katelyn Oland being elected Vice President of the State FFA. Congratulated Katelyn for being the Lisbon Chapter president this past year and graduated with honors. Attended the South Valley Special Education board meeting on June 10 which they approved salary increases for staff, 2015-2016 assessments and South ValleyÕs budget for next year. South Valley Special Education Annual board meeting will be July 15 in Hankinson. LHS All Class Reunion has been scheduled for June 18-21. Schools will be open for tours on Saturday June 20 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and he will be welcoming Alumni back to Lisbon representing the Lisbon School district at the banquet on Saturday night; and on June 21st – staff members Pat Adair, Alison Kempel, Emma Meyer, Patricia Schmit and Richard Schmit will be leaving for Minneapolis for the ÒPLC at Work InstituteÓ at the Minneapolis convention center.

CANVAS ELECTION RESULTS: Webb moved, seconded by Anderson to approve the canvass by the school board of the June 9, 2015 election, which produced the following results: 18 total votes were cast. Rural – 3 yr. Term: Mark Qual received all 18 votes; Minutes: There were 14 votes cast in favor, 3 against to the question of whether the minutes of the school board are published, hereby declaring the minutes of the school board will be published. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.


– After the 1st reading, Dick moved, seconded by Qual to approve the following board regulations:
ABBB-BR – Guidelines for Community Use of School Buildings; FFF-BR – Special District Transportation; GAAA-BR – Regulations for Curriculum Development and Adoption; KAAD-BR – Distribution & Posting of Non-Curricular Material in School Regulations; and HCAA-BR – Criteria for Evaluating Informal Bids or Proposals. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

– After the 2nd reading, Anderson moved, seconded by Webb to approve the following amended
policies: AAC – Nondiscrimination & Anti-Harassment; ABAB – Policy School Year & Calendar; ABABA – Religious Observances; ABCB – Sportsmanship; ABCC – Wellness Policy; ACBB – Significant Contagious Diseases; BBC – Method of Filling Board Vacancy; BCAA – Board Meeting Agenda & Pre-Meeting Preparation; BCAD – Executive Sessions; BCBA – Public Participation at Board Meetings; BCD – Insurance for Board Members; CAAB – Superintendent Evaluation Procedure; CABA – Administrative Job Descriptions; CABB – Hiring Administrative Staff; CBAB – Administration in Policy Absence; DCA – Payroll; DCAB – Fringe; Benefits; DCAD – Expense Reimbursements; DDA – Sick Leave; DDBA – Vacations; DDBG – Emergency Leave; DDDA – Professional Staff Visitations and Conferences; DDEA – Jury & Witness Duty; DFC – Transfer & Reassignment; DHBCA – Length of Work Day; DKA – Reduction-in-Force Policy; DKBB – Instructional Staff Resignations & Request for Release form Contract; FAB – School Assignment & Choice; FEE – Student Organizations (Secondary Schools) FF Student Conduct & Discipline; FFA – Student Alcohol & Other Drug Use/Abuse FFE Extracurricular Participation Requirements; GAAA – Curriculum Design & Evaluation; HBAA – Federal Fiscal Compliance; HCBC – Fair Employment Clause in Contracts; HDD – Gifts & Bequests; HEBB – Cash in School Buildings; KAAB – School Volunteer Program; KAAD – Distribution & Posting of Non-Curricular Material in School; and new policies ACF – Whistleblower Protections Policy: Prohibition Against Retaliation; BDAA – Contracts Supersede Policy and Regulations; BDAB – Savings Clause; DEAG – Weapons Prohibition on District Property—Employees; DEBJ – Unauthorized Purchases; FCAF – Concussion Management; FCC – Restraint or Seclusion Policy; FFI – Student Use of Personal Technology-replaced old policy (see below); GAAD – Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials; GCBA – Grading; HCAA – Purchasing-replaced old policy (see below); HEBC – Fraud Prevention & Investigation; DCAAA – Salary Increment Requirements and DCAH – Salary Reductions. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

CONTRACTS: Qual moved, seconded by Dick to approve the following returned teaching contracts for 2015-16 plus benefits per negotiated agreement: Adair, Alexie – $41,050; Bittner, Brad – $49,800; Bunn, Brittney – $37,470; Carter, Veronica – $37,470; Evenson, Debra – $58,701; Falk, Stephanie – $50,800; Finstad, Lorie – $50,800; Froemke, Tracey – $46,225; Gallagher, Kathy – $50,800; Gebert, Candis – $50,800; Gerding, Joseph – $38,410; Groettum, Kortney – $37,000; Jacobson, Alyssa – $37,000; Janes, Brent – $51,413; Johnson, Stephanie – $41,575; Kempel, Alison – $47,325; Knipple, Kori – $38,410; Kunze, Jason – $44,950; Lacina, Richard J. – $44,300; Lewis, Annette – $50,800; Lindemann, Randi – $42,770; Louden, Ginger – $43,240; Lyons, Amy – $43,240; Lyons, Tracey – $43,240; Mark, Kim – $55,700; Mcleary, Kevin – $39,480; Meyer, Emma – $37,940; Moss, Mark – $46,775; Nannenga, Bev – $49,800; Overmoe, Jane – $53,075; Pierce, Tina – $47,800; Rolf, Ann – $40,760; Roth, Mary T. – $50,300; Rufsvold, Taylor – $37,470; Schimming, Stacy – $39,506; Schmit, Patricia L. – $38,880; Schmit, Richard – $37,940; Schultz, Amanda – $37,470; Sjomeling, Jennifer – $44,150; Surerus, Sherri – $54,100; Sweet, Barb – $51,475; Webb, Kari – $49,400; Wehlander, Jill – $42,770; Zahrbock, Benjamin – $42,625; Zahrbock, Kerri – $45,996; and Ziegleman, Trista – $46,602. And Extra-Curricular contracts for 2015-16: P. Adair – Concessions Adv.-$2,400, HS AD-$6,308, JH AD-$1,051; B. Bittner – Asst. BBB-$4,534, Head Track-$6,872; V. Carter – Class 2016 Adv.-$70, Asst VB-$3,547, Asst Track-$3,547; D. Evenson – Class 2018 Adv.-$70; K. Gallagher – Class 2019 Adv.-$35, Annual-$4,534; J. Gerding – JH Track-$2,156, JH BBB-$2,185, Head FB-$5,462; K. Groettum – Class 2018 Adv.-$65; G. Heitkamp – Class 2017 Adv.- $265; B. Janes – Class 2016 Adv.- $75; K. Knipple – Asst VB-$3,594; J. Kunze – Asst GBB-$4,252, JH FB-$2438; R. Lacina – Asst Wrestling-$4,064; G. Louden – Drama-$1,871, Class 2017 Adv.- $225, Speech- $2,306; A. Lyons – Head VB-$6,590; T. Lyons – Class 2017 Adv.-$265; K. Mark – Head BBB-$7,506, JH Track-$2,833, JH FB-$2,467; K. McCleary – Class 2016 Adv.-$70, Asst. Wrestling-$3,735, Asst Track-$3,735, Asst FB-$3,735; M. Moss – Class 2019 Adv.-$80, Head Track-$6,026, Asst FB-$4,017; B. Nannenga – Class 2019 Adv.-$35; T. Pierce – Science Fair-$1,588; T. Rufsvold – Std Council-$500; S. Schimming – Class 2018 Adv.-$70; P. Schmit – JH Track-$2,156; R. Schmit – Asst FB-$3,547; S. Surerus – Class 2016 Adv.-$115, JH VB-$2,720, Girls Golf-$3,289, Head Conc.-$3,600; B. Sweet – Head GBB-$6,519; B. Zahrbock – JH BBB-$2,241, Boys Golf-$2,988; K. Zahrbock – Class 2019 Adv.-$50, JH VB-$2,156, JH GBB-$2,241. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

XC RESIGNATION: Webb moved, seconded by Dick to approve the resignation of Tricia Schmit as JH GBB Coach for 2015-16. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

HS SPECIAL ED: Anderson moved, seconded by Webb too offer contract to Andrea Johnson for HS Special Ed position for 2015-16. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.


– SUPERINTENDENT: Dick moved, seconded by to approve contract of Justin Fryer for 2015-16 in the amount of $120,475 + $6900 for Fort Ransom administration services as recommended. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.
– HS PRINCIPAL: Dick moved, seconded by Webb to offer contract to Patrick Adair for 2015-16 in the amount of $79,000 and $1850 – ITV plus benefits per negotiated agreement. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.
– ELEM/MS PRINCIPAL: Member Qual reported that after meeting and discussion with administration that a principal in each building may be needed – this offer is contingent upon hiring of a principal for the middle school building. Anderson moved, seconded by Dick to offer contract to Elinor Meckle for 2015-16 in the amount of $89,315 and $4820 for Fort Ransom services – contingent upon hiring of a MS Principal. If the position is not filled, contract amounts would be increased to $90,000 and $5000. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

MS ADMINISTRATION: Dr. Johnson reported that this was looked at several years ago, but was never achieved. Discussion was held, including the additional responsibilities, disruptive kids, federal programs, etc… Timeline would be set-up to get started right away and have interviews by mid-July. Anderson moved, to accept the proposal and have Dr. Johnson pursue the advertising and hiring of a MS Principal. Member Dick thought more time would be helpful to get additional public input. Qual stated the board is elected by the public to represent them and suggested the public to contact board members for input. Qual seconded by motion. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

Qual was appointed as board representative on the committee to work with Dr. Johnson on the MS principal search. Other members of the search committee appointed by President Lien were Mrs. Elinor Meckle, and Mrs. Amy Lyons representing the middle school staff.

NC WAGES: Qual reported the negotiations committee has met and reviewed their recommendations es for 2015-16 with an approximate 3.3% increase. Webb moved, seconded by Dick to approve following wages for 2015-16 as recommended: Lori Lyons – $58,519.00; Pamela Hoistad – $22.50; LyDell Mairs – $18.75 plus $8940 – Transp Supv.; Allen Reinke – $14.20; Todd Odegaard – $13.20; Tatum Frazee – $12.20; Chris Lere – $11.45; James Johnson – $12.15; Sara Adair – $13.50; Lynette Elijah – $13.50; Amanda Gerding – $13.50; Courtney Qual – $12.45; Erica Baarson – $10.90; Mandy Anderson – $10.90; Kristie Freeberg – $10.90; Lisa McCloud – $10.90; Cathy Olerud – $14.60; Olga Sagvold – $15.70; Amy Kjar – $10.95; Gary Mairs – $19.10; Karen Wilke – $11.40; Short Bus Routes – $43.00/route; Long Bus Routes $53.00/route;
Bus Workshop – $26.00; Extra Curricular Trips – $50 + $10.40/hr; Jennifer Hehn – $13.50; Jesse Juelfs – $13.75; Debra Herring – $12.45; Beverly Dick – $11.40; Julie Schlecht – $11.40; Deborah Thompson – $11.40; Brenda Dick – $11.10; Jason Blasczyk – $11.00; Substitute Cooks – $11.00; Student Workers – $9.50; and Substitute Aides, Paras, Secretaries, Bus Dispatch – $10.50. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

ND TEACHER EVALUATIONS: Lisbon schools is switching to the Marshall Plan evaluation system, which follows the guidelines as set by ND Department of Public Instruction.

LPS HANDBOOKS: for 2015-16 were distributed for review. Board members should contact building principals with any questions.

REGISTRATION FEES: Qual moved, seconded by Dick to leave fees at the current rates. Approved by unanimous roll call vote. Member Dick brought up options of hosting free nights or promotions to increase attendance.

DESTRUCTION OF RECORDS: Webb moved, seconded by Anderson to approve the destruction of the following records for 2007-08 and prior fiscal years: paid bills/ invoices; cancelled checks; bank statements; teacher leave sheets; monthly computer runs; food service records; workers compensation, unemployment, retirement, social security, and withholding payroll reports. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

ANNUAL SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: will be held on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. in the HS Conference room.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Lori B. Lyons
Business Manager