HOPE Academy

HOPE Academy is a cooperative program between NDSU and Sanford Health Fargo.  The goal of HOPE Academy is to introduce high school sophomores, juniors and seniors to a variety of health care careers. Each seminar is split into two sessions lasting three hours and students must attend both evenings.  HOPE Academy seminars may include group discussion, lecture, simulation and a variety of hands-on activities.  The seminars are led by professional staff from NDSU and Sanford Health Fargo.

The seminar is open for all Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who want to have a glimpse behind the scenes in health care. Registration Deadline is Jan 30th and cost is $40 per student.

Min enrollment: 10          Max enrollment: 20

Fee: $40 per seminar – dinner provided for participants

HOPE Academy 2019

Have you always dreamed of becoming a physician? Or maybe you think Pharmacy would be a great fit with your strengths and aspirations? Love solving puzzles? Discover a not so well known profession to major in that almost guarantees a job when you are finished. Get a glimpse into the world of health care by exploring a few pre-professional programs through HOPE Academy.

Mail in Registration Form – Please include payment. Checks made out to Sanford.

*Click here to download the form.