March 27: Lisbon Public School and Food Pantry Team Up to Feed Homebound Students in Need

Nutritious meals are a vital part of each child’s education and many children rely on meal assistance during school season. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has challenged the way school food programs meet this need. Each school district in North Dakota must submit a plan to address continuity of their meal program during the shutdowns due to coronavirus based on their unique needs and situation. Lisbon Public School food service has been working to create a successful program.

What factors affect the plan?
– The percentage of children on the free and reduced lunch program, district size, location of distribution point, financial ramifications, USDA requirements for funding eligibility and available community resources for sustainability, are all strategic factors for making a successful plan.
– The USDA is the main source of program funding and the location of some schools (Lisbon included) does not allow meals to be given out from the school location under current eligibility rules. However, the Food Pantry location does meet USDA eligibility for distribution.
– Effective management of food supplies to produce these meals to avoid waste and manage availability of high-demand products, along with protecting staff and public from unnecessary exposure.

What is the plan for Lisbon students?
All Lisbon Public School households with children ages 1 to 18 are eligible to receive breakfast and lunch each weekday. However, if you typically pay for your student’s school meals and remain capable, then you should continue to do so. If you need help now or as your circumstances change, please reach out as our mission is to feed all children in need during this difficult time. To receive food, please call either 683-3813 or 683-3804 and leave your contact
information. You will receive a call back to make arrangements. Food will be picked up at the Food Pantry at 507 Forest St., not the school.

Lisbon Public School food service is very appreciative of the Food Pantry’s collaboration in helping feed our students during this temporary program. The Food Pantry is highly supported by the community and is positioned to help families for an extended period, if they experience hardship due to the effects of the pandemic. Together we will make it through these difficult times.



During school closure due to Corona virus… Lisbon Public School food service and the local food pantry are partnering to provide free breakfast and lunches for children of families in need. We kindly ask that you assess your situation and then give us a call if you feel you are in need. This will help us all follow the current CDC guidelines of limiting contact, help balance the supply and demand challenges of food distributors, and ensure the families of necessity are being served. To receive food, please call either 683-3813 or 683-3804 and leave your contact information. You will receive a call back promptly to plan for you to receive needed food. Our mission is to feed all children in need during this difficult time.

Lisbon Public Schools/Lisbon Food Pantry