FEBRUARY 10, 2015

ATTENDANCE: On Tuesday, February 10, 2015 President Rory Lien called the board meeting of the Lisbon School District #19 to order at 7:30 p.m. Members present were Rory Lien, Mark Qual, Liz Anderson and Brent Dick. Member Webb arrived later. Also in attendance were Supt. Justin Fryer, HS Principal Adair, Elem. Principal Meckle, Lori Lyons and guests Dan Rood, Kraig Steinhoff, LyDell Mairs, Ben Zahrbock, and Terri Barta.

CONSENT AGENDA: Qual moved, seconded by Anderson to approve the established agenda, minutes of the January 13, 2015 board meeting, bills list and finance reports. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

PRINCIPALS REPORTS: previously submitted to board. Meckle reported further on sessions from NDAESP held on ÒBe a Game ChangerÓ with a strong emphasis on student engagement and technology implementation. Adair informed further on extracurricular activities – looking at super region tournaments next year in Fargo & Wahpeton. And submitted a report that was requested last month on the number of students failing courses and which courses they are.

BOARD REPORTS: Dick reported the policy committee met earlier and had another batch to amend. Lien reported he had attended the Negotiations Workshop with Dr. Johnson.

Matt Webb arrived.

GUESTS: were welcomed. Director Dan Rood and Asst Director Kraig Steinhoff were present from the SE Region Career & Technology Center. Mr. Rood reviewed the General Information & Financial Facts report. Mr. Steinhoff gave a demo on an application called Kahoot.It that is one of several apps available to get kids more involved and aware with the technology.

SUPT. REPORT: Dr. Johnson reported on the following: he attended the NDASA Winter Conference in January with the highlight being visiting with our students and teacher at the State Capitol. Mr. Heitkamp had taken students to Bismarck to have the Legislative Assembly for awareness of Career and Technology education. The students were able to participate with our legislators on the floor, meet with the Governor and make some money engraving pens. It was a great experience for our students and was very proud of them. The SV Special Ed finance committee is working on a new funding formula for our membership assessments; he attended the NDSBA Negotiations seminar; LPS hosted a legislative forum on Saturday February 7th with all representatives from District 24 and 26 in attendance except for one. Weston Elijah has resigned his full time custodial position; the administration has already received indications that some faculty members may not be returning to Lisbon in 2015-2016; and Dr. Gina Aalgaard Kelly representing the Ransom County Healthy Lifestyles Coalition, approached Mr. Adair about reserving the HS for a focus group for a study. IRB approval and participation consent forms must be signed at the start of the focus group and only Ransom County residents over the age of 18 can participate. We have tentatively scheduled the focus group for Tuesday February 24 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The Coalition has focused their purpose to two health related problems – Underage Drinking and Adult Binge Drinking with the Lisbon School represented by Brent Dick.

ACADEMIC CALENDAR: Dr Johnson reported he has only received 4 comments on the proposed draft calendars. Both principals would prefer the semester break in January. Tabled.

BUS BIDS: Bus bids were opened on Friday, February 6th at 2:00 p.m. Bids were received from HarlowÕs Bus Sales, HartleyÕs School Buses, and Trucks of Bismarck. Bids were reviewed.
Qual moved, seconded by Anderson to approve the bid of HarlowÕs Bus Sales in the amount of $78,942.78 with $9600 deduct for trade of the 2006 IHC for a net amount of $69,342.78. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION: Anderson moved, seconded by Dick to hold the 2015 School Board Election on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 in the HS commons with polls open from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Mark QualÕs term is up for re-election. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

– Maintenance: Webb moved, seconded by Dick to approve Chris Lere as maintenance at rate of $11/hr. plus benefits. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

– Resignation: Anderson moved, seconded by Qual to accept with regrets the resignation of Angela Haakenson as elementary music teacher for 2015-16 school year. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

  • Resignation: Dick moved, seconded by Webb to accept with regrets the resignation of Karlie Qual as elementary teacher for 2015-16. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

POLICIES: Dick moved, seconded by Anderson to complete the first reading of the following policies with changes as suggested by the NDSBA Policy Services: Wellness Policy – ABCC; Bullying Policy – ACEA; Compensation and Expenses for Board Members – BDD; Education of Pregnant and Parenting Students – FDD; Student Educational Records – FGA; English Language Learners – GABAA; and Food Services – IB. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

The following exhibits were reviewed: FERPA Release – FACB-E3; Suggested Procedure for Conducting an Expulsion Hearing – FFK-E1,

CLEAN DIESEL GRANT: Qual moved, seconded by Dick to approve applying for a Clean Diesel Grant for a new bus. Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

PETITION TO NEGOTIATE: moved, seconded by that pursuant to the provisions of 15.1-16-10 of the ND Century Code, as amended, the School Board of the Lisbon Public School District recognizes all full-time licensed teachers employed by the Board as classroom teachers as the appropriate negotiating unit.
Approved by unanimous roll call vote.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Lori B. Lyons
Business Manager