Lisbon Public Schools has created a partnership with Valley City State University to offer Dual Credit courses to our students at a discounted rate, with courses taught by highly qualified LPS teachers and administrators and earned credits awarded through both LHS and VCSU.

Are you interested in earning college credit while still in high school? Save money and time and get ahead by enrolling in a college credit class today! Through Dual Credit classes, you can earn college credits while still fulfilling your high school requirements. Dual Credit classes are offered at Lisbon High School. 

Advantages of Early Entry Courses:
  • Lower tuition for those classes taught here by one of our teachers
  • Saves time by allowing students to get a jump start on earning college credits
  • Ease into college classes in a comfortable, familiar environment with smaller class sizes
  • The letter grade received in the course is the same and is posted on both the high school and college transcripts
  • Fulfills a category for the North Dakota Academic Scholarship
First Time Dual Credit Students:
Dual Credit students need to meet the following criteria to enroll in dual credit courses
  • Obtain permission from parent/guardian
  • Student must be in grades 11 or 12
  • Recommend a minimum GPA of 3.0. Requests for dual credit enrollment by students who do not have a GPA of 3.0 will be reviewed on an individual basis by an authorized college representative in consultation with the high school administration
  • College English I and II require ACT English sub-score of 18 or Accuplacer Next Gen – Writing score of 256
  • College Algebra required ACT Math sub-score of 21 or Accuplacer Next Gen – Algebra score of 237 or Accuplacer Next Gen – QAS score of 255
Application Process (only required for students that are enrolling in their first Dual Credit course or have had a lapse in enrollment:
  • Apply online at VCSU or NDSCS (one-time non-refundable enrollment fee is $35 is required)
  • Complete college Early Entry form (provided to you from your teacher or counselor)
  • Complete the FERPA form (if enrolling in a NDSCS dual credit course)
Returning Dual Credit Students:
If you have already completed a Dual Credit course through the same college that you plan to take these new credits you will not need to reapply or repay the $35 application fee. You will need to complete:
  • College Early Entry form

Courses offered at Lisbon High School with credit issued by Valley City State University:

College Composition I – ENGL 110 – 3 college credits
General Biology I – BIOL 150 – 4 college credits

College Composition II – ENGL 120 – 3 college credits
General Biology II – BIOL 151 – 4 college credits
United States History to Present – HIST 104 – 3 college credits
American Government – POLS 115 – 3 college credits
College Algebra – MATH 103 – 3 college credits
Calculus – MATH 165 – 4 college credits
Intro to Teaching Profession – EDUC 251 – 2 college credits
Intro to Field Experience – EDU 252 – 2 college credits

Courses offered online through NDSCS:

**Courses may vary by semester. See Mrs. Zahrbock for most up to date information.

Spring 2021 courses:
Introduction to Sociology – SOC 110 – 3 college credits
Medical Terminology – BOTE 171 –  4 college credits
Business Use of Computers – CSCI 116 – 3 college credits
Ethics – PHIL 210 – 3 college credits

See Early Entry Enrollment sheet for cost. Cost is typically listed by credit so make sure to multiply amount listed by the number of credits enrolling in.

To learn more about the Rural School Partner Program visit the I Am A Rural Teacher website here.

If you have questions on dual credit offerings, please reach out to Mrs. Zahrbock, Mr. Adair, or our dual credit instructors.

Mr. Moss

Mr. Moss

HIST 104:  United States to Present  (3 credits)
POLS 115:  American Government  (3 credits)
Mrs. Schmit

Mrs. Schmit

ENGL 110: College Composition I  (3 credits)
ENGL 120: College Composition II  (3 credits)
Mrs. Vesel

Mrs. Vesel

MATH 103: College Algebra  (3 credits)
MATH 165: Calculus  (4 credits)
Mrs. Sweet

Mrs. Sweet

BIO 150:  General Biology I (4 credits)
BIO 151: General Biology II (4 credits)
Mr. Adair

Mr. Adair

EDUC 251: Intro to Teaching Profession (2 credits)
EDUC 252: Intro to Field Experience (2 credits)