December Student Spotlight

Bailey, Alexis, Kelby, and Sophie are December Students of the Month

Bailey Sad, senior, is the daughter of Neil Sad and Becky Sweet. Bailey displays great time management and organizational skills during school as well as in her extra-curricular organizations. During her high school years, she has participated in many activities, all while taking on several jobs and responsibilities. She puts in great effort in these tasks as well as in her academics. She is a leader and positive example for her fellow peers.

Alexis Eskildsen, junior, is the daughter of Daniel Eskildsen and Heidi Hegle. Alexis is an upbeat person who comes to class every day with a good attitude. She is engaged in class and small group discussions. She is committed to her studies and puts forth the effort to be successful. She is an all-around great student.

Kelby Anderson, sophomore, is the son of Brian and Kristi Anderson. Kelby is well-liked by his peers and teachers; he is humorous and fun to have in class. Kelby isn’t afraid to ask questions or state his opinions in class; he works well with others and is helpful to his classmates. He is always pleasant and polite in the hallways and classrooms, alike.

Sophie Hoenhause, freshman, is the daughter of Mitch and Heidi Hoenhause. Sophie is a hardworking student who works well with her peers. She is gaining confidence in the classroom and more willing to contribute to classroom discussions. She models appropriate behaviors in the classroom and isn’t afraid to redirect her peers when necessary.