Lisbon Public School Endowment Fund

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The Lisbon Community Endowment Fund and Lisbon Public Schools Endowment Fund have provided resources necessary for our educational leaders to create one-of-a-kind projects such as a Middle School Leadership Team and a sensory path in our elementary. Projects also extend out into the community, such as the Agriculture Department’s initiative to create monuments for previously unmarked graves at one of our cemeteries. Our Oral History Partnership between elementary students and local nursing home residents and our Bronco News Production were also both statewide place-based learning grant winners. We’ve created a partnership with The Village in Fargo to provide professional counseling services to our students on site.  These are just a few of the opportunities our students benefit from through generous donations to these funds.  

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Place-Based Learning Grant Winning Project:

Shortly after moving to the small town of Lisbon, ND, Mrs. Waloch knew she wanted to incorporate a community-building project into her fourth-grade classroom. Just up the hill from the elementary school sits Parkside Lutheran Nursing Home which seemed to be the perfect fit for this new project. Mrs. Waloch got a hold of Lynn Hansen, the Activities Director at Parkside, and this is where the relationship with the fourth graders and their Parkside Buddies began.

Their meetings started out quite simply by playing board games, puzzles, cards, and sharing a few laughs together. It was figured that the project wouldn’t go much further than this, maybe a couple more visits tops, but the fourth graders and the Parkside residents had an instant connection. Mrs. Waloch knew she needed to bring her students back after that first group of fourth graders began asking, “When can we go visit our Parkside Buddies?” Each visit allows the fourth graders and residents to deepen their budding friendships. The students have written stories about the residents, created art projects with them, made slime, put together fleece blankets, made origami animals, and so much more.

Mrs. Waloch’s current fourth graders have had the chance to take their Parkside Buddies project even further thanks to the Lisbon Public Schools Place-Based Education grant from Dr. Steve & Linda Johnson. This year the students started out in the same way as in years past – playing games together and getting to know their buddies. But then they moved on and began an oral history project. The students were able to interview their buddies and learn about their pasts, their families, their dreams, their lives. Then the kids turned these interviews into published books which are now in the hands of the Parkside residents. The fourth graders then pushed even further and turned their stories into plays, which they will perform at the end of the school year. Special guests at this play will of course be the Parkside Buddies and their families.

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Recent Award Receipients:

Spring 2020

  • $12,500 to support Mental Health Services at the school
  • $4,000 toward a Sports Complex Sound System
  • $3,000 to purchase indoor recess equipment
  • $1,525 toward the Shoebox Grant

Fall 2019

  • $1,210 for a Russian Cultural Kaleidoscopre Presentation
  • $1,000 for Junior High Football Uniforms
  • $2,500 for a Pixellot Camera
  • $700 toward Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library
  • $3,330 to support Artist in the Classroom
  • $4,200 for Milk Scholarships to low income families
  • $3,500 to support Gearing Up for Kindergarten

Spring 2019

  • $1,000 for Sources of Strength Program
  • $2,300 to support the Lego League Robotics Team
  • $640 to purchase after school SmartLab T-Shirts
  • $10,000 for mental health services for students
  • $624 to support Fine Arts Summer Camp
  • $1,500 to support Sensory Path Program
  • $1,000 for Kindergarten Readiness Program

Fall 2018

  • $600 to support the Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • $2,000 to provide milk scholarships to needy families
  • $2,194 for the Lisbon Elementary MTSS – Math Intervention Program
  • $1,966 to fund the Fine Arts Budget
  • $1,000 for Jr High School Volleyball uniforms
  • $1,000 for a Bullying Prevention program
  • $1,000 for a Girls Basketball Proactive Coaching Seminar
  • $500 to fund Lisbon Math Olympics