I am happy to announce a new service coming to Lisbon to provide pediatric services for children in need through Beyond Boundaries Mobile Therapy Unit for OT/PT services.

Beyond Boundaries has made arrangement for the Mobile Therapy Unit to be in Trinity Lutheran Church parking lot one day per week beginning in early June.  Many of their referrals will come from our Special Education Preschool, which is housed at Trinity Lutheran Church.  John Porter, South Valley Special Education Director, and I have been working with Beyond Boundaries president, LaDonna Bannach to provide these OT/PT services to our rural community.

If you would like to learn more, please give me a call or call LaDonna directly at 701-356-0062.


Since 2004, patients from near and far have sought out medically based OT, PT, and Speech services from Beyond Boundaries Therapy highly qualified and specialized team of therapists. Beyond Boundaries offers services at two state-of-the art clinics (one nestled in a quiet neighborhood off So. University Dr. and one just off 45th St. So.), in the client’s home, daycare or school.

Q: What is it the mobile therapy unit (MTU)?

A: The MTU is a fully renovated school bus designed to provide space for Therapy on the Go! We will help bridge the  transportation and work barriers that may be keeping children from receiving needed medically based therapy services. We will travel to serve you in your community, providing medically based therapy that is family and goal centered. Beyond Boundaries Therapy is dedicated to deliver innovative therapy services that address the unique needs of children in the rural communities. By meeting families directly in their community, we can provide a trustworthy and convenient therapy

Q: What medically based areas can you address in therapy?

A: Areas addressed may include (but not limited to): sensory integration, attention, focus, executive function, behavior, feeding, visual skills, social & peer interaction, motor coordination, pediatric incontinence, strength, and endurance.

Q: Will insurance cover the cost of therapy for my child?

A: Medically based therapy is typically covered by insurance. We will work with you prior to service starting to help obtain all  details regarding your coverage and physician order.