Mary G. Wiltse Scholarship is now invested in the North Dakota Community foundation. The High School faculty members vote on candidates who: rank scholastically in the top half of class, must have attended Lisbon two consecutive years, and possess the following qualities: Intelligence; character; kindness; and generosity. Award winners should submit a request for this scholarship to the
building principal with proof of enrollment. The Building principal will submit that request to the Community Endowment in Bismarck.
Presenter: HS Principal $1450 – Sidney Anderson

LEA Scholarship — Given by the Lisbon Education Association to two honor students of high moral character who have exhibited a willingness to work with both faculty and peers.
Presenter: Sherri Surerus, LEA Treasurer   $300 – Sidney Anderson
$300 – Kasen Anderson

M. Marie Trumbull Education Scholarship is given to a senior who intends to be an education major and whose desire is to teach in rural North Dakota or a senior who intends to return to North Dakota in an occupation of service. The winner must have at least a 3.00 GPA with money being distributed during second semester. Winner should submit a request with proof of 2nd semester enrollment to the LPS Business Manager.
Presenter: Justin Fryer $300 – Sam Rieger

Elmer and Sylvia Lindstrom – Elmer and Sylvia Lindstrom were known for their love for students and students’ educational pursuits. They were people of highest moral character and instilled the same characteristics in young people. This scholarship is presented to a senior who best exemplifies the spirit and characteristics of Elmer and Sylvia Lindstrom. Therefore, the recipient must have been a student in good standing, exhibit character of highest quality, demonstrate a strong work ethic, and demonstrate a willingness to help students of lesser ability. When possible, the recipient shall have chosen a career field in education.
Presenter: Principal $500 – Jade Bergemann

R. N. Spolum — Awarded to High School Seniors, who have attended LHS for at least three years, participated in school, church and community activities. Winners must plan to attend an accredited post-secondary school in the fall. Each applicant must write a 200-word essay on the topic “What an Education Means to Me.” Winners should submit a request to the Business Manager.
Presenter: Justin Fryer $1000 – Mandy Saxerud

Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment – Doosan knows the importance of supporting the continuous learning of our young people. They award tuition scholarships to children of Doosan employees each year.
Presenter: HS Principals $1000 – Peyton McNea
$1000 – Jacob Bear
$1000 – Kaylee Dickerman
$1000 – Jade Bergemann

Dickey Rural Network
Presenter: HS Principal — $500 Scholarship – Jacob Bear
$500 Scholarship – Ethan Lyons
$500 Scholarship – Kasen Anderson

ND Association of Honor Society Scholarship —
Presenter: Ginger Louden $500 Scholarship – Kasen Anderson

Essentia Health – Scholarship for someone going into a health profession less than Bachelor Degree
Presenter: HS Principal $1,000 – Cassidy Rostuck

Bank of North Dakota Association of Student Financial Aid
Presenter: HS Principal $300 – Peyton McNea

North Dakota Academic All-State Team – Academic All-State program was developed by the North Dakota Association of Secondary Principals to recognize, especially in the media, students who have excelled in academics.  The application considers GPA, ACT score, leadership activities, and college and career plans.  Student must also explain why academics are important, their personal goals, and why they are successful academically.  This year’s recipient is
Presenter: HS Principal Gold Team – Jacob Bear

Constitution Award – Awarded for demonstrating the best understanding of the function of the constitution of the United States in our form of Government
Presenter: HS Principal
Sidney Anderson
Zach Urbach

North Dakota Corn Growers Association – awarded to ten students across the state of North Dakota.
Presenter: HS Principal $1,000 – Ethan Lyons

Ransom County Crop & Livestock Improvement Association –
Presentation: HS Principal $500 – Ethan Lyons

Lisbon FFA Alumni Chapter — $500 scholarships
Presenter — $500 – Sidney Anderson
$500 – Jacob Bear
$500 – Isac Bentten
$500 – Kendra Myers

Valley City Aerie 2192 Fraternal Order of Eagles –
Presenter: HS Principals $400 – Kasen Anderson
$400 – Jade Bergemann
$400 – Megan Howell
$400 – Peyton McNea
$400 – Logan Fellows
$400 – Caleb Nielsen
$400 – Sam Rieger
$400 – Hunter Schwab
$400 – Kendra Meyer
$400 – Mandy Saxerud

Trinity Lutheran Church Scholarships
Presenter: HS Principal $175 – Caleb Nielsen
$175 – Jade Bergemann
$175 – Sam Rieger
$175 – Keaten Shelton
$175 – Jonah Welter

Environmental Engineering/Environmental Science – Must be in top 1/3 of class, interested in environmental sciences and demonstrate excellent leadership qualities this a two year scholarship of $2,000 per year if the winner maintain a 3.0 GPA as a full time student. The donor of this scholarship wishes to remain anonymous
Presenter: HS Principal $2,000 – Jonah Welter

AKSARBEN Purple Ribbon Auction Scholarship
$1,000 – Kendra Myers

ND Simmental Scene Scholarship
$1,000 – Kendra Myers

AgCountry Farm Credit Services —
$1,000 – Eli Aabrekke
$1,000 – Cassidy Rostock

Athletic Awards —

Dale Dahlstrom and Red Lilyquist Athletic Awards — The Dale Dahlstrom Scholarship Award is made annually to the boy or girl in the Senior Class of Lisbon High School who has enrolled in a school of higher education for the ensuing year. Commencing in 1979, the family of Dale Dahlstrom has made available $500 cash award to the senior who best exemplifies following: 4-year scholastic average in the upper half of the class, exhibited an outgoing and helpful disposition and personality, participated in athletics, and has been active in church, community and school activities. The HS faculty members shall make the final selection. The Red Lilyquist Scholastic/Athletic Award is chosen by the administration, athletic director, and coaches from the Seniors whom: earned more
than one letter in a major sport and finished in the top eight of his/her class academically amongst the athletes. Ranking is done on a number system based on: academic ability, character, personality, leadership and contributions to the school and community. This money ($325) will be given after proof of fall enrollment in an institution of higher learning. The amount of this award will depend on the amount earned from the fund placed in the Lisbon Community Endowment Fund. Winners should submit a request to the HS Principal. Rodney Anderson Scholarship – was first given by the faculty of his daughter Darcy’s high school in his honor. The family has continued the scholarship. Rodney was a two-time state champ for Lisbon graduating in 1961. He went on to Mayville State where he excelled in sports graduating with a teaching/coaching degree. He taught and coached until becoming a full time farmer/rancher on the family farm.
Presenter: Patrick Adair, AD Dale Dahlstrom – $500 – Peyton McNea
Red Lilyquist – $325 – Isac Bentten
Rodney Anderson – $250 – Sidney Anderson

WRESTLING CLUB – The Wrestling Club has donated one $500 to a graduating senior wrestler of the 2020 State Championship Wrestling Team. This money will be given after proof of enrollment 2 nd semester of their freshmen year of college.
Presenter: Steve Johnson, Wrestling Club $500 – Brody Aberle
$500 – Caleb Nielsen

University and College Scholarships:

NDSCS Scholarships
Presenter: HS Principal $1,000 – Colton Bergemann
$500 – Brady Carlson

Excellence Scholarship from Concordia College
Presenter: HS Principal $20,000 – Hunter Schwab

Cobber Edge Award
Presenter: HS Principal $1,000 – Hunter Schwab

Dickinson State Presidential Scholarship
Presenter: HS Principal $1,600 – Caleb Nielsen

Dickinson State Wrestling Scholarship
Presenter: HS Principal $2,000 – Caleb Nielsen

Lake Region State College’s Honor Scholarship
Presenter: HS Principal $1,000 – Josh Rardon

Leadership Scholarship from Valley City State University
Presenter: HS Principal $14,000 ($3,500 per year) – Kasen Anderson

Wolfpack Scholarship from Northern State University
Presenter: HS Principal $6,000 – Sidney Anderson

UND Hawk Scholarship
Presenter: HS Principal $6,000 – Peyton McNea
$1,500 – Logan Fellows
$1,000 – Mandy Saxerud

UND Merit Scholarship
Presenter: HS Principal $1,000 – Peyton McNea
$1,000 – Logan Fellows

UND Academic Scholarship
Presenter: HS Principal $6,000 over 4 years – Mandy Saxerud

Don and Gladys Lambert Torbenson’s UND Scholarship
Presenter: HS Principal $500 – Peyton McNea

Valley City State University V-500 Scholarship
Presenter: HS Principal $3,000 – Sam Rieger

Valley City State University Oarsman Scholarship
Presenter: HS Principal $1,000 – Sam Rieger

Presidential Scholarship at St. Cloud State University
Presenter: HS Principal – Jonah Welter

ACCESS STEM Scholarship from St. Cloud State University
Presenter: HS Principal – Jonah Welter

University of Jamestown College Scholarships
Distinguished Student Scholarship – $1,000
Honors Scholarship – $8,000
Alumni Referral Scholarship – $250
Choir Award Scholarship – $3,000
Journey Award Scholarship – $2,000
– Kaylee Dickerman

St. Thomas Welder Academic Scholarship from University of Mary
$7,000 – Cassidy Rostock

North Dakota Academic and Career and Technical Education Scholarship Two merit-based scholarships were created during the 2009 legislative session: The North Dakota Academic Scholarship and the North Dakota Career and Technical Education Scholarship. These scholarships are aimed at increasing high school rigor and retaining college students in North Dakota. Students who meet the qualifications will receive $750 for each semester they are enrolled at an accredited North Dakota institution of higher learning and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.75. The maximum a student can receive under this scholarship is $6,000.
Students meeting the Career and Technical Education Scholarship qualification:
Kasen Anderson
Jacie Baarson
Colton Bergemann
Brady Carlson
Kaylee Dickerman
Logan Fellows
Chynna Langhoff
Ethan Lyons
Caleb Nielsen
Brooklyn Person
Jacob Reinke
Mandy Saxerud
Keaten Shelton
Students meeting the Academic Scholarships qualification:
Jacob Bear
Isac Bentten
Peyton McNea
Cassidy Rostock

The following Scholarships are given out through the Lisbon Dollar for Scholars. The Lisbon Dollars for Scholars Chapter was charted in 1991. The chapter raises money through donations by individuals and organizations, raffles and student mailthon. The money they raise in the community of Lisbon stays in the community. All students receiving scholarships this evening are Lisbon students.
The board of directors meets once a month during the school year on the first  Wednesday of the month at 7:00 am. They are always looking for people to serve on the Board of Directors. They would also like past and present students and directors to help with floats for parades during Happy Days, RC Fair, and the Parade of Lights. Little did the founding members of Dollars for Schools know that they would have grown to presenting 25 scholarships worth $35,000 to the Class of 2020!

1 Kasen Anderson $3,500 ,Highest score Memorials Joe Westhoff/Dennis Waloch $500

2 Hunter Schwab $3,500. Francis Watts Torbeck Memorial $3500

3 Samuel Rieger $3,000, Harold/Eldeane Johnson Scholarship $2,000

4 Isac Bentten $3,000, BankNorth $1100

5 Sidney Anderson $2,500, BankNorth $1100

6 Peyton McNea $ 2,500, BankNorth/Kiwanis $1100

7 Kaylee Dickerman $1,750, BankNorth $1100

8 Jonah Welter $1,750, Ernie & Audrey Fadness Memorial $500

9 Jacob Bear $1,500, $250 Memory of Beth Elijah/Sargent County Bank $500

10 Logan Fellows $1,500, Gallagher Scholarship $500

11 Amanda Saxerud $1,000, Memory of Amy Finstad $500

12 Jade Bergemann $1,000, CHI Hospital $250

13 Colton Bergemann $1,000, Cass County Electric $1000

14 Caleb Nielsen $ Lisbon Smiles $500 , 750

15 Ethan Lyons $750, Leo Lyons $500

16 Brody Aberle $750, Results Realty $250

17 Kendra Myers $750, Ransom County Sportsman Club $500

18 Jacie Baarson $ 700, Lisbon Veterinary Service $500

19 Joshua Rardon $ 600, Faith Assembly of God $250

20 Steven Froemke $600, Lisbon Vision Center $250

21 Reese Holmstrom $600, Bobcat $500

22 Keaten Shelton $500, Fraedrich Transport

23 Eli Aabrekke $500 West Acres $250

24 Cassidy Rostock $500, Lisbon Fire Department $250

25 Chynna Langhoff $500, Gordy’s Grill & Fill $250,

Total $35,000