Lisbon Public Schools’ new Place-Based Education Grant was awarded to an Elementary News project.

All third graders will work together in various news roles to create weekly video updates, or newscasts, for their peers. The goal of the project is for the newscasts to increase all students’ awareness of what is happening in their elementary community. This awareness can help students develop a clearer understanding of how they belong to their community, and may motivate them to be effective citizens.

Third graders will develop a deeper understanding of the writing process, listening and speaking skills, collaborating in a team, using technology, and understanding media.

The $1,000 grant will fund broadcast tools that are necessary to create quality newscasts that can make the students proud of their work.

The grant will continue to be awarded in future years through a gift to the Lisbon Public Schools Endowment Fund from Dr. Steven and Linda Johnson. This grant was started for teachers who develop a classroom project for their students which utilizes place-based principles addressing a community issue and engages students in making the Lisbon community a better place.

Photo of Mr Schmit's 3rd Grade Class


Grant winner Mr. Richard Schmit poses with his current third-grade students. They inspired him to research a place-based project for future years. The students paid it forward!