The Class of 2013 received scholarships worth $45,000.

The Lisbon Dollars for Scholars purpose is to expand access to educational opportunities by involving and assisting our community in the support of students and in the encouragement of educational achievement. Our intent is to support as many eligible students as possible with the funds that your donations and contributions provide.

Our Vision
To encourage postsecondary education attendance for all North Dakota students through strong Dollars for Scholars support.

Our Mission

We will
– Provide Leadership to develop and support a network of community-based scholarship organizations across the state.
– Encourage local philanthropy for local students and to support their attendance at all types of post-secondary education.
– Increase scholarship opportunities at the state and national levels through programs such as Collegiate Partners and Community Service Awards.
Why Sponsor Scholarships Through Dollars for Scholars?

History of our chapter

The Lisbon Dollars for Scholars chapter was formed in 1991. The original directors were Wayne Levang and Joe Westhoff. Through the generous gifts and donations of our supporters, we have been able to help many students over the years.

Ours chapter is part of a national organization called Scholarship America (Scholarship America) which is the nation’s largest scholarship organization in the US. Local chapters like our exist in 42 states and North Dakota is served by its state office located in Casselton, ND. To learn more about Dollars for Scholars in North Dakota check out the state website at:


We encourage our communities involvement and ideas for any of our fund raising events during the year. Through Lisbon Dollars for Scholars we have an opportunity to come together to invest in our greatest resource, our youth. Together we really can make a difference!

There are several ways to donate to a local DFS chapter. All donations are tax-deductible because Lisbon Dollars for Scholars is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
We accept Memorials, Honorariumns, and Donations as well as Bronco sporting events sponsorship. Our students are also involved in the fall phone-athon and spring community yard clean up fund raisers.
For more information about making a donation email us today at [email protected].

Past Donations

1992$2,44511 Students
1993$4,90024 Students
1994$8,00031 Students
1995$8,00023 Students
1996$8,05031 Students
1997$9,56532 Students
1998$9,50033 Students
1999$11,50033 Students
2000$11,50033 Students
2001$13,50047 Students
2002$21,30033 Students
2003$26,50039 Students
2004$28,90031 Students
2005$34,00037 Students
2006$36,30040 Students
2007$37,50041 Students
2008$38,00029 Students
2009$33,70049 Students
2010$38,40032 Students
2011$40,00028 Students
2012$43,60037 Students
2013$45,00035 Students

Lisbon Dollars for Scholarships
PO Box 823
Lisbon, ND 58054-0823
Email Us.

2014 Recipients

2013 Recipients

Board of Directors:
Darla Coleman
Jason Enger
Danielle Differding
Jim Levos
Eric Mairs
Cody Musland
Cindy Olson
Parker Wiltse
Meredith Olson
Steve Olson
Kerri Zahrbock
Kathy Lien

Student Representatives:

Senior – Wyatt Aberle
Junior – Thomas Horgeshimer
Sophomore – Kate Oland
Freshman –